Thursday, 9 August 2007

WEDDING RING by Nelma Ward

(The assignment was to describe an object so the emotional state of the narrator (point of view/character) is revealed without telling the reader what the emotional state is or what motivated the "said" state.)

Gold – its said to be warm and pliable, but this gold is cold and hard. No body heat to warm it up, I suppose.

It sits there, a symbol – supposedly a symbol of everlasting love and fidelity. This ring is more a sign – in its shape, I mean – of a fetter, a restraint. Even of bondage. Its round shape is encompassing like a prison.

The roundness supposedly suggests something eternal, and also that it is a thing that binds two people together. Binding two people - a token of possession. How could the giving of such a thing – this unadorned basic ring – mean that someone can possess someone else!

It’s a plain utilitarian thing I guess. Not decorative at all. Nothing adorns it. Other rings have a diamond. That glitters. It sparkles and gives a sense of hope and happiness. This plain gold ring is a tie to something no longer valued.

There are words engraved on the inside. What a waste. Such personal words that the ring couldn’t be worn by anyone else.

I guess the thing has a monetary value. Of course it has. Gold is valuable. These rings aren’t supposed to have a cash value though. Everyone asks about engagement rings – how much did it cost? No one asks that of a wedding ring. The value of a wedding ring is in its intrinsic sentimental worth.

As I said, its just a cold lump of metal. Signifying nothing.

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