Thursday, 30 September 2010


The Clifton Writers' Group meets once a month in the Clifton Library and Community Centre meeting rooms to discuss and practice the art of writing and also to support and inspire one another.

On Saturday 28th August, 2010, members from the Clifton Writers' group were very pleased to be able to host a get together with members from the Tenterfield Writers' Ink.

Below is a photograph of some of the members from the two groups in the Art Gallery of the Clifton Library.

This exciting opportunity arose when Drew Grozier (Clifton Writers' Group member) was in Tenterfield launching his book "Scotch on the Bitumen".

He met with members from the Tenterfield Writers' Ink and it was decided that the two groups should arrange a get together.

It took some months and quite a few emails back and forth before finding a suitable date.

Below are photographs showing the writers enjoying morning tea in the story reading area.

On arrival the writers had an informal morning tea in the sunny story reading area which gave them a chance to get to know one another.

The group then moved to the meeting room to begin the serious business of the day, that is, talk about the joys and tribulations of writing.

Lunch was held in the meeting room whilst examples of the writers' work were read aloud to the group.

It was a most successful day and firm friendships where forged.

There is a plan to meet again in Autumn 2011 but this time in Tenterfield where the changing colours of its glorious trees will surely inspire the writers and photographers within the group.

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