Friday, 8 June 2007

A SHORT TALE? Dave Wellings

(This story is in response to our June assignment where we were asked to write a children's story)

I like being a boxer. I have to exercise a lot and eat all the right kinds of food to keep in shape. I'm always hungry. I bounce up and down on my toes and move around fast, my trainer says I'm a natural show off. Sometimes, when I'm too rough, I get sent outside to play with a ball in the yard.

School is boring, I prefer competing at a show. We all travel together in the family stationwagon and we meet lots of other boxers. We get nervous when it's my turn to go into the ring - my trainer gets more nervous than me. There are always many people around the ring, watching and applauding as I do my stuff. Sometimes I win a trophy and then I get lots of pats on the back! Then we come home and I dream of being a champion one day.

The part I like best is our jog around the park in the morning when it is still cool and quiet. My trainer wakes me early, calling "C'mon Tyson! Walkies!"

Dave ©

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