Friday, 8 June 2007


(Note: This is the September Assignment. Our members had a choice of a number of topics. We were to choose an unfamiliar topic and perhaps research it and produce poetry or prose. Dave has chosen "the mechanisms in the Tower of Westminster" which houses Big Ben.)


Our sprockets and cogs are no longer in fashion,

Gadgets today are controlled by the digit.

Cyber technology is embraced with a passion

Yet we, in our way, stay up to the minute.

Your famous face is a national symbol

Which gets all the credit. A familiar story:

We toil all hours on no more than a thimble

Of oil so others may bask in the glory.

Turning your hand to such a self-centred trick

Is what we’d expect from a clock

But remember we know just what makes you tick –

And vee haff ways of making you tock!

Dave Wellings ©

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