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(This story is in response to the June assignment where we were asked to write a children's story.)

Jaimie is four years old, she likes to visit her nanna McDonald, who has a farm.
She loves playing with the animals and helps to feed them.

The last time Jaimie went to the farm lots of things happened, it was a very eventful visit!

When they arrived it was time to give the animals their tea. The puppies had grown a lot since the last time Jaimie saw them.

“Can’t they go back, nanna?” asked Jaimie.

“Go back where?” said nanna.

“Back to being little,” said Jaimie.

“Sorry, Jaimie, they grow up like little girls, but later on there will be some more tiny ones to play with.”

“Ouch! They’ve got scratchy toes!” yelled Jaimie, as Cinny jumped around saying hello.

Nanna cut her toe nails with a special clipper and that was much better.

Next Jaimie took some old bread from the chooks’ bucket to feed Tilly the pony. She loves bread and gobbled it up.

Jaimie put her hand out to pat her but Tilly thought she had some more bread, ‘Nip’ went her teeth! She nearly got Jaimie’s fingers!

In the morning after breakfast, Jaimie put her sandals on and went off to feed the sheep, chooks, ducks and puppies.

Smudge the cat came to say Hello, she was in the hayshed looking for mice. She loves Jaimie carrying her around with her arms around her tummy. They went over to the chook yard.

Jaimie’s toes were poking out the front of her sandals and a brown hen thought they were nice fat pink worms!



That night Jaimie was sitting on the tail gate of the ute while nanna fed the dogs. She threw some meat to each dog as they drove past their kennels. Then nanna took off too fast over a bump and “WHOMP!”

Jaimie landed in the grass flat on her back!

Oh dear. Silly nanna.

It was very hot next day, so nanna took Jaimie to the pool in Clifton for a swim.
Three other girls came to play with her, and she stayed in the water a long time. Her eyes got very sore and she couldn’t see, she’d left her goggles at home.

Nanna had to try and put drops in them, then she had a shower and washed the pool water away.

Next morning they were better.

“We’ll get some goggles in town”, said nanna.

When they got to George’s house Di was there giving his poodle a hair cut.
When she was finished Soda ran around like mad, jumping and playing with the others. She felt so much better with short hair!

On the way home they stopped at Tony’s to see some baby chicks. Jaimie was getting back in the ute when she got lots of nasty khaki burrs in her toes. YOWCH! Poor toes!
A swim with her new goggles made them better.

Next day Jaimie and nanna gave the animals their breakfast, then Jaimie watched ABC Kids.

When she came out to see what nanna was doing she stepped on something in the grass, and SCREAMED!!!!!!

A bee had bitten her toe! Jaimie was very quick and brushed it away but it HURT. LOTS.

Nanna got some ice to put on it and Jaimie watched a video. After awhile it felt a bit better and they went to Donovans’ and had a swim in their deep pool. Jaimie swam very well, a bit like a mermaid!

When they got home nanna was training a pup and Jaimie stood and watched by Grace’s kennel.

All of a sudden a sheep rushed off on its own, straight at Jaimie!

Oh No! Over she went, head over heels!

She was brave and got up quickly.

Stupid sheep! The pup had frightened it.

That night nanna took Jaimie to Nobby and they got fish and chips for tea. Jaimie had a big swing in the park while they cooled down a bit, then they sat and ate, watching a lovely sunset. There was a new moon in the sky too, Jaimie thought it was very beautiful.

Next morning Jaimie went home. Her dad came to Beaudesert to meet her.
She was pleased to be going home.

This time her trip to the farm had been a bit too eventful!

Next time she comes to the farm Jaimie isn’t going to wear her sandals!

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