Friday, 8 June 2007


(Our June assignment was to write a children's story.)

Zorro began to shake.
His soft brown ears stood upright, alert to all the voices and noises around him. His sparkling brown eyes bulged with fear.
‘O-oh. What’s going on?’ he thought worriedly. He COULDN’T REST.

Cupboards being emptied, boxes being packed, all the humans coming and going.
‘This looks serious … where are they going? What about me? What if they leave me here all alone?’

Nervously, he followed The Queen Human around from room to room. Whenever she pulled anything out of a cupboard, Zorro lay on top of it.
‘Don’t forget me!’ his big brown eyes pleaded.

Anxiously he stayed close as The Queen Human carried yet another box down to the car.
‘I’ll jump in and stay here’, he decided. ‘Then she can’t leave without me’. Even though he felt safer, he STILL COULDN’T REST.

“Zorro, you’ll get heat exhaustion sitting in the car all day!” It was the Queen Human gazing at Zorro as he sweltered in the hot sun pouring through the back window of the car.
“Come on darling” she soothed. “I won’t leave you behind. It’s all OK”.

Zorro cradled into her arms as she went inside for another load. He felt a bit better, and was just starting to relax when a huge truck came noisily beeping backwards into the driveway.
‘What now?’ thought Zorro.

Two big burly blokes, moving very quickly indeed, started grabbing pieces of furniture, heaving them down the stairs, and putting them into the truck. This was just too much! It was like a great big cavern that opened up and swallowed everything that meant home to Zorro. What was going on?

Zorro felt helpless. Keeping a close eye on the Queen Human, he lay down safely out of the way of the muscly men. But he STILL COULDN’T REST. He WOULDN’T rest. Home was being taken away before his very eyes!

Before long, the truck doors were slammed shut, the men leapt inside the cabin, and it was on its way. But to where?

Then the Queen Human called Zorro to the car, the others hopped in, and squeezing in among all the boxes and brooms, they drove away from the empty house. It seemed like a good time to start shaking again. He STILL COULDN’T REST. Even though they hadn’t forgotten him, he still had no idea where they were going.
It was such a relief when they arrived at the new house. Not only was all their furniture there, but the Queen Human had already put Zorro’s bed and bowl in a special place – just for him!

That night things still felt quite strange – new sounds and new smells surrounded him. But Zorro was with his family, and that meant that this new house was now HOME. NOW HE COULD REST.

Jennie Peut ©

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